Celebrities Have Faced Mental Health Issues, They’re Now Speaking Out About it


Many celebrities have been speaking out about the challenges they have faced with their own mental health issues.  During this past week Prince Henry has spoken about the way he has had to come to grips with all of the emotional turmoil that was caused from losing his mother to a car accident at the very young age of 12.  Lady Gaga has spoken about having PTSD that was caused by a rape when she was younger.  Emma Stone as well as Kendall Jenner both have spoken up about dealing with anxiety.

There is absolutely no doubt that they are all speaking out for all of the right reasons, but the public should in fact understand that what they all have in common is not actually as important as what they all do not have in common.  None of these celebrities have schizophrenia, which is in fact the most devastating disorder, or what is known to be severe bipolar the type that is resistant to any type of treatment.  Carrie Fisher, Demi Lavato as well as Catherine Zeta Jones have all spoke up about their own struggles with bipolar disorder, but all of these celebrities eventually responded to a treatment program and achieved success.

4 percent of the people who suffer from schizophrenia, or severe bipolar rarely end up famous and in Hollywood, except you may see them going through dumpsters for the only food that they just may get for the day.  140,000 people that have been diagnosed to be seriously mentally ill are actually homeless, 392,000 end up in prison or have served jail time, and another 3 million people do not get any treatment at all. 

Although these celebrities do in fact have mental health issues and should be congratulated for the fact that they are speaking up, let us not forget about those who will never reach celebrity status and are overlooked.


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