Celebrities – Who eats What?

What our biggest celebrities eat

Are you curious what foods appeal to the celebrity soul? If so, read on!

• Jennifer Aniston: Despite Jennifer’s background (Greek) this very hot lady likes similarly hot food. At any given time you’ll find her having Mexican with salsa and a tall margarita. Our burning question: Will you be sharing that drink with the hunky John Mayer? Another of her favorite foods in the past was mayonnaise sandwiches. Unfortunately she had to give them up when she went on a diet.

• Morgan Freeman: Morgan Freeman has a resume that even God would appreciate (and apparently did in Bruce Almighty).While Mr. Freeman has felt compelled to give up his beloved fried foods for health’s sake, he has not given up on greens and cornbread. For 71 all we can say is go cornbread – you look fantastic!

• George Clooney: Sneak over to the Chaya Brasserie in Beverly Hills. You’ll find Mr. Clooney enjoying a steak and raising a dark ale in memory of Sydney Pollack. What better way to remember a good man than with good food and brew?

• Kevin Eubanks: This Tonight Show musician was once voted the sexiest vegetarian celebrity. One look at this guy tells you that vegetarian does NOT mean wimpy! He says eating vegetables makes him feel great – we say you’re not hard on the eyes either!

• Gloria Estefan: Our gorgeous Latin singer seems to enjoy hot Cuban food as the perfect adjunct to hobbies like scuba diving.

• Angelina Jolie: We love this woman because she likes junk food as much as the rest of our drive-through culture. We’d hop in our car and wing over to McDonalds any day if it meant sharing some fries. Her favorite pregnancy snack? Peanut butter cups.

• Jane Seymour: It’s surprising that this multi-tasking actress, mother, painter, and wife finds time to eat with her hectic schedule. Two of her favorite treats are chocolate and Chardonnay. At home, it’s sushi for everybody!

• Britney Spears: Pasta and ice cream… um is that together or apart? By all reports, however, it’s home cooking that tops the list for Spears, specifically Chicken and dumplings made by mom. Let’s hope eventually her mothering skills improve to include that kind of memory for her kids.

• Gwen Stefani: Gwen loves good restaurants but at home and on the set everything MUST be organic. Plenty of vegetables, nuts, and fruits are what help her keep her weight under control. Her only indulgence from time to time is pizza, something her little son Kingston might appreciate!

• Marisa Tomei: This busy Academy Award winner (for the 1992 movie “My Cousin Vinny”) is a huge advocate of Italian food. It’s not only part of her heritage, but it’s become a way to raise money for various charitable causes, like America’s Second Harvest.

• Mario Batali: What does our favorite Food Network Iron Chef like to eat? His own cooking! And who can blame him. The sound of sweet potato gnoochi with caramel gelato makes us drool. Beyond that – good old fashioned spaghetti with basil and tomatoes appears on his list of foods that you can’t get too much of.

• Victoria Beckham: This super-thin Spice Girl stuffs her face with healthy stuff such as vegetables, fruit and fish.

• Linda Blair: Linda’s early career was in commercials, but most people remember her for the rather unappetizing movie The Exorcist. Once that’s turned off, you can find Linda snacking on vegetable lasagna when she’s not riding horses.

• Dr. Joyce Brothers: This well known personality on both TV and Radio, her favorite snack is chocolate during leisure time (we wonder if it has to be analyzed first).

• Tom Cruise: What else would a man of passion eat but Italian Food?

• Elvis: This one is easy guys. Test your memory. What was the King’s favorite sandwich? None other than peanut butter, banana and mayo. No disrespect to the King’s memory, but we’d suggested honey as a condiment instead.

• Vicki Lawrence: Who can forget this woman’s memorable performances on the Carol Burnett Show? Her favorite food is Mexican especially if she can enjoy it while sailing.

• Julia Roberts: This pretty woman had a huge craving for Italian foods while pregnant. Her favorite dish is reportedly chicken wrapped in prosciutto (don’t hold back on the spaghetti!)

• Isabel Sanford: Known for her work on the Jeffersons, this lovely lady enjoyed good old fashioned potato salad. While the world lost her in 2004, we’re sure that heaven makes a mean potato salad (don’t hold back on the eggs!).

• John Schuck: Mr. Schuck is best known for his role in MASH, and Annie on Broadway. When John wasn’t sailing or playing tennis, he was eating pasta! Because of his galactic roles on Star Trek Enterprise, Deep Space Nine and Voyager, we’re sure this had to be a pasta that’s “out of this world”. Would you like that order with a side of Romulan mollusk?


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