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Pete Doherty’s cat burial nightmare
This little story is about Pete Doherty and his failed attempt to bury his beloved pet… reports that after Doherty’s pet cat got killed by a car near his home, the British rocker decided to bury it in a pond
Martha Stewart’s pooch dies in freak fire
OK! Magazine reports that jail bird Martha Stewart's dog, Ghenghis Khan, lost his life in a fire at a Pennsylvania kennel last week. The fire, which also claimed the lives of about 15 other dogs, started while propane tanks at the
Oprah Winfrey rescues a puppy
Oprah Winfrey adopted an 8-week-old cocker spaniel this weekend, reports. "[The dog] is really cute. Oprah saw her and fell in love with her! She was very excited," a rep for PAWS Chicago shelter where Winfrey adopted the dog from
Former First Cat dies after battle with cancer
The Clintons’ cat Socks has died. After a battle with cancer of the jaw, Socks was euthanized Friday, The Washington Post reports. According to Socks’ caretaker, Betty Currie, the little cat was not eating and would not get up Friday morning.
Mickey Rourke in new PETA ad: Have the Cojones to Fix Your Dog
Animal activist group PETA's is using “The Wrestler” star Mickey Rourke to get more people to spay and neuter their dogs. The new campaign is aimed at knocking out animal overpopulation. The 52-year-old Golden Globe winner is known for being a