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Kelly Osbourne is a Material Girl
Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Ozzy Osbourne has teamed up with Madonna and her daughter, Lola Leon. Kelly is the face of the new campaign for Madonna and Lola’s label, Material Girl. Kelly says she’s pumped about the project and
Jessica Simpson – The Fashion Mogul
Jessica Simpson launched her own fashion collection in 2007 and already she’s breaking records with its success. This year her fashion line is set to make $1billion! Jessica Simpson is now the highest earning celebrity in the fashion business.
Toms Shoes
Toms Shoes is a shoe company that is unlike any other. Tom Shoes works round the clock to provide the entire globe with comfortable and affordable shoes that will not only be satisfying for you, but also to thousands of
Lola V: Said to be Jennifer Anniston’s Perfume!
If you weren't already aware, Jennifer Anniston has been consulting with the Falic Group company to produce her very own scent as her first perfume. Jennifer has taken over a year to decide on the name and she told reporters that
Miranda Kerr isn’t at Ease With Fame
Miranda Kerr admits that its not very comfortable to her to see herself up on billboards and so on. She says that seeing pictures of herself still shocks her, and is "not sure" that she will ever become accustomed to