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Paris Preferential Treatment at the DMV.
Now this one totally irritates us, but it does NOT surprise us..  so we're filing it,... and her.. under Trivia. Normal people get just one DMV photo..   not plastic  Paris.The folks  over at Santa Monica DMV said that Paris, the only
Hot Gossips–Celebrity Idiot of the Week
A drum roll please.. Could she possibly GET any more obtuse? If this kid were any more vacuous her head would virtually implode. Do they come any more foolish than this? We're asking the question rhetorically of course.. the answer is
Oprah Denies Wearing a Weave
Oprah Winfrey has flatly  denied that she wears a weave on her talk show. Winfrey appeared  sported long, flowing tresses on Friday's show that impelled the question, was she opting in for hair extensions, as reported by  TV Guide. She addressed the
Some Kardashian To Get Plastic Surgery
So apparently... this is news.. Suffice it to say that we're amused by the attempt to bait people into watching, however, it is being reported nationally, so we're obligated to make sure that you keep up with the Kardashians... Wenn reports that
Lil Wayne and Beyonce Officially Have the Stupidest Fans
Okay so WHY are we not shocked by this?? According to a study ( one we find a bit dumb on its own accord may we add) the least intelligent fans are those who listen to Beyonce and Lil Wayne.