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One Direction Blag Their Way To Unusual Free Gift
The five band members of One Direction are reportedly worth in the region of £12million each, not bad considering they didn't even win The X-Factor (they came third if you remember in 2010), but that has not stopped one band
Kelly Rowland Considers Herself “Too Shy” To Perform At Her Own Wedding
Former X-Factor judge and Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland has performed in front of tens of thousands of people during her music career, but she considers herself to be “a little shy” to perform at her own wedding. Kelly, who
Victoria Beckham Plans Bigger And Better 40th Birthday Than Kate Moss
Last week Kate Moss pulled out all the stops to celebrate her 40th birthday, holding a massive party on Richard Branson's exclusive island Necker Island. Later this year Victoria Beckham will turn 40 too, and the former Spice Girl star
Simon Cowell Suffers From Triskaidekaphobia!
Superstitions and phobias are part of many peoples every day lives, superstitions like walking under ladders and black cats for example, and they even have an effect on well known people too. Music mogul Simon Cowell is just one person
Heidi Klum Buys Six Christmas Trees And Unusual Gifts For Her Four Children
Christmas is traditionally a time of year that sees many families overspend, but supermodel Heidi Klum has gone to extreme measures this year to make sure all of her four children are happy, as instead of buying one big family