Cat Fight Goes down at Michael Turner’s House

Cat Fight Goes down at Michael Turner's HouseYou may know Michael Turner as the running back for the Atlanta Falcons but now we know him as the man who had to break up a girl brawl in front of his home on Monday when his girlfriend attacked his baby mama with a golf club.

The police had to come over to Michael Turner’s home in Georgia Monday due to the fact that Rasheeda Walker was in front of his home with blood gushing from the side of her head.

Sources have told us that the reason Rasheeda Walker was over there was because she has 2 children by Michael Turner and is expecting a third and she wants him to be a part in their lives. She claims that she went over with the intention to discuss the situation with him.

However, when she knocked on the door she said she was immediately attacked by Michael Turner’s new girlfriend, Elizabeth Delacruz, who started swinging a golf club at her while yelling, “You at my house now *****”. Rasheeda Walker, however, was able to get the golf club from her yet it still did not stop the fight. When cops arrived however the new girlfriend stated that Walker was attacked because she snuck into their home through an unlocked back door.


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