Cast Of Jersey Shore Being Sued!

SnookiThe cast of ‘Jersey Shore,’ the whole lot of them, is being sued. A person, a female, who is going by the initials J.P., has sued the entire cast of the popular reality television show.

The lawyer representing J.P., Eugene Lavernge, reports that her client has a scar on the chin as a result of a cut that occurred after a run-in with the notoriously rowdy bunch.

According to Eugene, J.P. was thrown down by Jersey Shore security guards after she verbally spat with Snooki. This incident occurred in September of 2009. No word on why she waited almost a year to sue, maybe she’s in need of some extra cash.

J.P. is looking to get paid from just about everyone affiliated with Jersey Shore, including the show, 495 Productions, MTV and Viacom (MTV’s parent company).


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