Casey Affleck Addresses Brother Ben and Ana de Armas’ Breakup

Casey Affleck is talking about brother Ben Affleck‘s recent breakup from Ana de Armas.

No Bitterness

Earlier this week, it was announced Ben and Ana had broken up after almost a year of dating.

While promoting his new movie “Our Friend”, Casey, the actors’ split.

“The reality is, I think that this year has been really hard on people in relationships,” Casey told Entertainment Tonight. “I wouldn’t know because I’ve been single, but I bet there are a lot of people that have, you know, it’s been challenging to relationships.”

Casey went on to praise Ana, saying, “I think that Ana is just the sweetest, funniest, smartest, most charming person. I think she won’t have any problems meeting somebody else.”

Also in his interview, Casey said he has high hopes for Ana‘s movie career.

“I saw her performance as Marilyn Monroe in this movie called Blonde, which hasn’t come out, and I would bet a lot that she’s gonna pick up every single award,” Casey said. “She’s gonna have a good year. I’m not too worried about her.”

Casey added, “I think she’s a catch in every way. And I’ll be there to carry Ben through it, but I don’t think he’ll have any problems [either]. My advice to them would be like, ‘Yes, think long and hard about it, because quarantine is not fun if you’re single.’”

Not What it Seems

Shortly after the news of the two actors’ split broke, a man was spotted throwing a cardboard cutout of Ana into the garbage outside of Ben‘s house. And people on Twitter were convinced Casey was the man. However, Casey wants everyone to know that it was not him in the viral photos.

“A bunch of people sent that picture to me and I was gonna tweet some, like, joke, response or something. And then I couldn’t think of one and a joke didn’t seem appropriate,” Casey said. “And I don’t have Twitter so that wasn’t going to work. But it definitely wasn’t me.”

The two actors are still in communication following their split.


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