Cameron Diaz Is Not Retiring From Acting

Cameron Diaz has stepped off the spotlight lately but she is definitely not retiring from acting.

The Confusion

Fans noticed that Cameron Diaz didn’t appear in a movie since 2014’s Annie and started speculating about her shifting focus to other things in life, like love life and writing books.

But the confusion arose when Selma Blair said in an interview the two friends caught up for lunch, discussing some new project and that Cameron declined, saying she’s done with acting.

Then Blair added that Diaz is happy, has a great life and that she doesn’t need to make more films or money.

The fans went into frenzy with the comments and Blair apologized for the misinformation explaining on the social media that she had only joked. She wrote that Cameron is not retiring from anything but that she will retire as her spokesperson.

Diaz didn’t comment publicly about the topic but we all recall her last year’s comment at Goop Wellness Summit about stepping back a little bit to met herself again and make herself whole again.

Cameron’s Other Projects

Cameron was the highest-paid actress in Hollywood in 2008 according to Forbes, thanks to the Shrek franchise, What Happens in Vegas and My Sister’s Keeper.

She got tired of being in the spotlight all the time for 20 years and changed a course a little bit. She got inspired with the women constantly asking her if she is afraid of the 40s and how she does it all and started writing books.

The Body Book was released in 2013 and talks about how to feel and look the best possible. The second book came out in 2016. The Longevity Book and is all about how to accept your ageing and your body changing without shame.

Cameron will definitely return to acting when the right role appears.

She also addressed the fact that there are always roles for actresses in their 20s but those in their 40s are put aside or just play the “mom roles”.

Diaz is happily married to Good Charlotte guitarist, Benji Madden for three years and enjoys in the break from the relentless paparazzi, the rumors about her love life and the constant male gaze. We simply can’t blame her.


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