Bust Enhancements Not that Enhancing

From Whitney to Tori to Pamela A, celebs who have had boob jobs are finding that they aren’t all that awesome when it comes right down to the nitty gritty.

Photos of botched boob jobs are cropping up everywhere lately, among them, the cave in that is Pamela Anderson, the  Whitney Houston “lumps and bumps”, the Tori Spelling bars and scars.

Most of the Hollywood hype about the boob job enhancing your look appears to be somewhat less than the reality of it all… photos don’t lie.

Today’s boob jobs, if you’d care for a peek, are double D-isgusting.


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2 Responses to “Bust Enhancements Not that Enhancing”

  1. Web Designer says:

    Tori has one of the worst botched jobs in Hollywood. Her plastic surgeon should be fired, or sued.

  2. Web Designer says:

    Additionally, I’d have to say the Tori is one of the most beautiful actesses in Hollywood still, despite the bad job her surgeon did. I just had to give her props. She rocks.