Burger King Releases Mary J. Blige Ad Early

Burger King Releases Mary J. Blige Ad EarlyMary J. Blige is telling the media that she did not sign off on the controversial fried chicken ad that was shot for Burger King – especially not the one that was being watched throughout the web.

Mary J. Blige is saying that she agreed to take part in a fun and creative campaign that was said to feature a dream sequence. However, the clip that was released does not show any of that taking place. She also continuous to say she totally understands why her fans are mad. However, she does add in that the real Mary fans know that she would never let a campaign go unfinished like the one that they had just laid eyes on.

Since all of this talk has started Burger King has taken the YouTube video down. The ad shows Mary singing about one of their new crispy chicken wraps. However, Twitter viewers felt as though the ad was aimed to stereotype African Americans to always eating chicken.

Burger King has released that they released the ad prematurely. This includes them admitting to not having the licenses and final approvals. They also publically apologized to Mary J and her fans because the ad should not have went live as it was not final.


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