Britney Spears Piece Of Me Stage Show In Doubt Due To Poor Ticket Sales

britney-spearsBritney Spears is all set to embark on a two year stint in Las Vegas with her “Britney: Piece of Me” stage show, but reports coming out of ‘Sin City’ suggest the shows are set to flop as ticket sales have been poor.

The first of Britney’s stints in Vegas runs from the end of December to to the middle of February, and in total there are 16 shows scheduled to take place. An insider revealed the news about the poor ticket sales. They said, “After spending hundreds of thousands on promo, they expected to instantly sell out all of the first 16 shows, but they didn’t come close! In fact, Britney only sold out three of the 16 shows put on sale and many are considering this a disaster.”

According to the insider things need to improve quickly or there will be a lot of disappointed people. They said, “Ticket sales need to start sky rocketing or else there’s going to be a lot of disappointed investors and people involved with the show.”

Not sure if you can call three sell outs “a disaster” as there are still well over three months until the first show even takes place, so there is plenty of time for ticket sales to increase, but the early signs are not good for the 31 year old pop star if you believe the reports today.


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