Britney Spears is Back…Almost

Britney Spears is Back...AlmostIt seems that Britney Spears is looking for work. While the negotiations between her camp and the show “X Factor” have been ongoing for a while, no current deal has been made. It is reported that Spears has demanded 1 million dollars to come aboard as a panel judge. While the details of a “yes” or “no” are underway, Spears is receiving some mixed reviews about her possible contract.

It comes as a bigger surprise that Spears has asked producers of Modern Family if she could appear on the show. Even better is that the show may include some big names like Brad Pitt and George Clooney, who have all, asked to appear in the hit TV show. The show’s producers say they are interested in having the stars on the show however, they want the role to fit the star and this takes time. It will be interesting to see how the show will incorporate Spears from a “fresh angle”.

What will Britney Spears stride for next? We hope it all works out for the girl, no one wants another Britney Meltdown to occur.


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