Britney Spears Admits That “Dieting Is Tough”

britney-spearsPop star Britney Spears may be 31 and a mother of two, but she certainly knows how to keep her body looking good if the latest pictures from Shape Magazine are anything to go by.

Britney appears on the front cover of the June edition from Shape and admits it is not easy trying to look good all the time as she loves her food. She said, “Dieting is tough because my specialities are spaghetti, brownies and chocolate chip cookies!”

Who doesn’t love a good spaghetti followed by a home made brownie or chocolate chip cookie! Britney was also asked how she manages to keep her ‘bum’ in such good shape and she replied, “I like it, then again, I hate it. I’m in my 30s now, so I have to work harder to keep it up.”

So exercise is the answer followed by more and more exercise. Perhaps a strenuous workout to ‘Toxic’ or ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ is the answer to how she is looking so good, but knowing monthly publications perhaps she has had a little help from the airbrush along the way! Whatever or however she got to look this good the latest pictures of her are certainly well worth a look as she certainly is looking mighty fine.


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