British Moms are boycotting Miley Cyrus products

Miley Cyrus

The “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus is making British mothers furious because of all her racy photos.

According to Fox News, angry parents at the Disney store in London has told reporter Neil Sean that while their children still want to buy the dolls and toys, some parents are banning them as “they feel she is now of an unsuitable nature for a 15-year-old megastar.”


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3 Responses to “British Moms are boycotting Miley Cyrus products”

  1. In a way I can understand how they’d want to be more guarded and cautious about Miley Cyrus and her influence on kids. This is a good attribute for any parent, actually, and considering Miley’s poor decision to pose for Vanity Fair, I guess I can understand their concern.

  2. Scarlett says:

    Miley Wannabe, I agree with your points but I disagree with your name! How can you want to be someone as, quite frankly, slutty, rude and stupid as Miley Cyrus?

    Yes, the Vanity Fair photos were a poor decision but an even poorer one was Miley’s decision to take pictures of herself and post them on MySpace. In some photo’s, she has pulled down her pants and is posing ‘sexily’ in her knickers. In another she is pouting in a soaking wet bikini. One of them shows her, her tracksuit pants pulled down, with her butt in the camera. And through her white panties, you can see her butt crack. One shows her lying down in hotpants and a rolled up top, baring her midriff while her erect nipple strains through the fabric. There is even one with her pulling her top down to flash her bright green bra to the camera, and, unbelievably, wearing knickers and a T-Shirt in the shower, again pouting and soaked to the skin, so you can see through everything. She posted all of these photos herself, and even admitted to most of them! There is one photo with her totally topless, which she supposedly sent to her boyfriend Nick Jonas. The authenticity of this photo has been debated, but it looks unphotoshopped, and it’s definitely Miley’s face.

    She acts so grown up, and tries to be so ‘sexy’, but she’s just a little girl, a little girl who is on the fast track to becoming pregnant and falling out of nightclubs with no knickers on, drunk as a sailor, and then crashing her car after taking crack. I can one hundred percent guarantee that in three or four years time, Miley will become that person unless she cleans up her act now, and I bet her Daddy will still say ‘Our little Miley is soo cute and good, I’m so proud of her’

    She has already shown great interest (her herself, not the directors of the film) in a film where the character she is hoping to play has extensive, totally nude scenes. Not to mention her totally bitchy attack on Demi and Selena, and her piss-poor apology, where she sounds like Paris Hilton “I’m like, so, like, super sorry. We were, like, having fun. I like, really think, that Demi and Selena are, like cool…blah blah blah”. Airhead.

    She is the worst role model ever. Boycott Her!

  3. soph says:

    Wow, people really need to leave this girl alone.
    She is a young woman, of course she’s going to take many photo’s of herself…..she is a teenage girl for god sake!

    Miley is awesome, and is very talented. she is a great actress, singer, songwriter and guitarist.
    I’m nearly 17 and i very much look up to Miley!
    She has done nothing wrong. The people doing wrong are those hacking her email/phone etc.

    And some of ‘those photos’ either arn’t her, or theyre photoshopped. the one where she is bending down showing her knickers, it aint her.
    People need to geta life and leave this stunning girl alone.