Brian Austin Green Explains How They Kept Baby’s Birth a Secret

Brian Austin Green Explains How They Kept Baby’s Birth a SecretBrian Austin Green could not have been more thankful to Reese Witherspoon. Not that the actress had anything to do with them, but for a month and a half now, Green’s wife Megan Fox has not been bothered by the paparazzi or the press about recently giving birth to their son. Noah. This is all thanks to the news of Witherspoon giving birth.

In a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, Green said that they were able to go incognito when Witherspoon had given birth in Santa Monica the day before Fox did. Witherspoon’s delivery attracted the public’s eye, so Fox and Green were able to make it to the hospital at 2:30 in the morning without attracting any reporter or paparazzo. They had even managed to keep their son’s birth a secret for almost three weeks.

The couple got to the hospital and was able to return home without having the media bother them. They thought it was “unbelievable” at first since they had expected reporters to crowd the hallways of the hospital to get details. News only started to leak right before the couple decided to post an official statement about their new baby on Facebook.

News about their baby had first leaked on October 17th. After that, Fox issued an official announcement on Facebook and in the post she wrote, “He (Noah) is healthy, happy and perfect”.


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