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Ryan Murphy Donates $10M to Children’s Hospital
All eyes in Hollywood were wide open when people heard that Ryan Murphy donated $10 million to Children’s Hospital so we’re bringing you the details of the story. Generous Donation Ryan Murphy owes a lot to this amazing hospital in Los Angeles. They
Prince Harry and Megan Markle Will Welcome their First Child in Spring
Sussex will soon receive a pair of brand new titles, as royals are going to become parents! Prince Harry and Megan Markle have announced on Monday that they are expecting their first child in spring. The Big News The Duchess of Sussex was
Taylor Swift Breaks AMA Female Artist Record
Another milestone for Taylor Swift occurred last night at the AMAs as she walked home feeling proud of herself. The “Delicate” singer broke Whitney Houston’s record for most AMAs won by a female artist. History Rewritten Taylor Swift has made history breaking the
Will Bradley Cooper Win Golden Globe for A Star is Born Movie?
Just when we thought Bradley Cooper couldn’t be any sexier, his latest movie A Star is Born came to theatres and left us with our eyes wide open and our jaws dropped! Oh boy, that man can sing! Really sing! He hit
Will Smith Celebrates Fiftieth Birthday in a Strange Way
Will Smith is a man who never seizes to amaze us and this time we dropped our mouth wide open when we heard how he had celebrated his fiftieth birthday. It seems like Will Smith is a real daredevil and enjoys