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Will & Grace Bring on Divorce, Marriage, New Jobs and Politics
The return of NBC comedy is already booking up on A-list guest stars and we can’t wait the season 10 to premiere on 4 October. The Revival The NBC’s revival of the show is bringing up more laughs than ever according to
Emma Stone Opens Up on Special Relationship with Ryan Gosling
For all of you who didn’t believe in an honest friendship between a man and a woman, we have a surprise. It’s quite possible. Emma Stone has opened up about her bond with Gosling explaining he holds a special place in
Ben Affleck to Remain In Rehab
Ben Affleck is going to stay in rehab for at least a month and try to get better after his ex-wife Jennifer Gardner organized an intervention and took him there. The intervention The Oscar winning 46-year-old actor has been struggling with alcohol
Katie Price Faces Bankruptcy
Katy Price is attempting to swerve bankruptcy as she has been given twelve weeks to pay off her debts. The famous ex-glamour model has been hit with a huge unpaid tax bill and is now struggling out of her financial predicament. The
Demi Lovato Experiences Complications after Drug Overdose
Demi Lovato is reportedly suffering from health complications at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center a week after her alleged overdose. Six days ago, the pop superstar was rushed to the hospital after her friend called 911, but with no sirens in order to