Brad Pitt Learns To Drive Again – In A Tank!

Brad-PittMotorists in Germany and the English town of Wiltshire will need to be on red alert over the next few months and be on the lookout for tanks, as Brad Pitt is undergoing some intensive driving lessons in them for his latest film Fury.

Fury is set in World World II and Pitt will find himself playing an American soldier who is trapped behind enemy lines. The tank driving lessons are taking place so the film becomes more realistic for both the actors and the audience. A source close to Pitt revealed all to the Sun Newspaper. They said, “These boot camps will involve hardcore physical exercise as well as advance tank driving. Steven Spielberg did a similar thing on Saving Private Ryan. It really made the actors feel like they were soldiers.”

Filming for the film Fury is due to start later this year and the film itself is due to be released around November 2014. If you happen to de driving in Wiltshire or Germany in the next few months and see a stray tank on your travels it may be wise to steer well clear, it could be a novice driver like Brad Pitt behind the wheel and not a real soldier. You have been warned!


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