Brad From “The Rachel Zoe Project” Split

Brad and RachelOh no! I must admit, I am a bit traumatized! Brad and Rachel Zoe from the Rachel Zoe Project have called its quits. If you have been following the show, you would know that Rachel recently lost another trusted employee, Taylor Jacobson. However, though some people were surprised, I don’t think anyone cared much. She (Taylor) was a bit of a spoiled brat…always complaining. I, for one, was glad to see her go. Well, back to the subject.

Brad has decided to leave, reportedly because he wants to spread his wings. He is looking to go out on his own and start his own business. Which is great. However, I can see Rachel being a bit upset, reportedly, she is heartbroken. She did give him a chance and handed over a huge amount of responsibility to him. He didn’t stay that long and is already bailing on her. That’s enough to make anyone peeved.

Brad also has the potential to a real competitor for Rachel in their rather small industry. He is really loveable and seems to know what he is doing most of the time, though his clothing pics, at times are a bit questionable. I do hope he is ready to work. He did complain a lot about Rachel’s hectic schedule. If he’s working on his own, he better get ready!

Even though the split was initially said to be amicable, there are some rumblings that Rachel isn’t too enthused about the attention Brad is getting. He just landed a front page article in the style section of the New York Times. Oh boy, get ready for the fur to fly!!!


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