Bobby Brown: Let Me See My Daughter!

Bobby Brown: Let Me See My Daughter!Bobby Brown is in a touch situation right now. Whitney Houston has passed away and now he is not able to see his daughter, Bobbi Kristina. He feels that the main reason he is not being able to see his daughter is because of Cissy Houston.

Sources have informed us that Bobby has not been able to connect with Bobbi Kristina since he arrived in L.A. Sunday evening. He has tried calling several times and he has even tried to see her in person this morning.
Bobby Brown has even been turned down by Whitney Houston’s friends and family who are in charge of Bobbi Kristina now. Bobby is furious because his purpose of coming out to L.A. was so he could take care of his 18 year old daughter who has been in the hospital twice. He feels as though Cissy, Whitney’s mom, is behind this because according to Bobby she has hated him for years.

In other news…

The hotel room where Whitney Houston died is already occupied and even booked up far in advance. The hotel sure didn’t waste any time moving anyone in. What is this world really coming to?


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