Black Eyed Peas Star Almost Drowns Whilst Swimming has revealed this morning that he spent a week in hospital after being brought back to life after he went swimming and almost drowned. Fear not people the incident happened when he was a small boy as he went swimming against his Mum’s advice despite not being able to swim!

Speaking to the Daily Mirror Newspaper the 38 year old superstar said, “I was like, ‘Ma, can I go swimming?’ She was like ‘no, boy, you ain’t going in no swimming pool’. So I’m walking and I start sinking and then I drown. I’m under water for about three or four minutes.”

Luckily for a friend was nearby to help and give him mouth to mouth. He said, “They gave me mouth to mouth and then I’m, like, dead. And then I come back. They took me to hospital and I’m in there for about a week or something. I almost lost my life. I did lose my life, but when I came to and I was in the hospital to see the worry on my Mom and my uncle’s faces.” was a very lucky boy it seems as he is still here to tell the tale, and the morale of this story is always do as your Mother tells you whether you like what she says or not!


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