Beyoncé “Caught” Breast-Feeding

Beyoncé "Caught" Breast-FeedingBeyoncé and infant daughter Ivy Blue were out to lunch at Ambroeus in NYC with husband and father Jay-Z. It became apparent that Beyoncé was breast-feeding her infant daughter at the table of the high-end establishment. While some choose to balk- others are applauding Beyoncé and her outstanding display of motherhood.

Some mothers have recently protested against Facebook for banning photos of mothers nursing their infants, calling it “inappropriate”. Some think that Beyoncé may have made her public display in support of the “Nurse-In”.

However the case may be, media, please let our mothers be, as they take on the most difficult task a human has. Respect the right of an infant to nurse and a mother to do the most natural and healthy thing for a child. Let it be added that while Beyoncé nursed her daughter she was discreet and covered. More than the LBD at the bar.


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