Beyonce’s Mom Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Is Beyonce Pregnant?The world has been abuzz about Beyonce being with child by her husband, the rapper Jay-Z. We even reported on it here.

Well, there seems to be some contradictions amongst those supposedly close to the situation.

Perhaps the ultimate insider, her mom (Tina Knowles), has reportedly poo-pooed the rumors. According to her, Tina is not pregnant. She is scheduled to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show in the next day or two, probably to endorse her new Wal-Mart clothing line.

She is supposed to also address the rumors during that time. What we will find out for sure, is what Tina knows, not actually whether or not Beyonce is pregnant. That information can only come from Beyonce.

Her mom may or may not know whether or not she is actually pregnant. Even still, I am looking forward to hearing the interview.


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