Ben Affleck to Remain In Rehab

Ben Affleck is going to stay in rehab for at least a month and try to get better after his ex-wife Jennifer Gardner organized an intervention and took him there.

The intervention

The Oscar winning 46-year-old actor has been struggling with alcohol for quite some time now and was already in rehab twice in the past few years.

He was doing great in the last months and had finalized his movies, Triple Frontier in May and The Last Thing He Wanted in July.

His close friends explained that his substance abuse reaches a destructive phase when he is not working. The situation really spiraled after his break up with Lindsay Shookus, the Saturday Night Live producer.

Affleck has been drinking in his house since Monday and Jennifer Gardner was really upset after she saw the picture of alcohol being delivered to his house. She knew he needed help and so she staged an intervention with her bodyguard and a person from the rehab facility.

Ben himself was aware that this was a breaking point and wasn’t resistant at all. The source says he was grateful that Jen recognized his troubles and was there for him.

He decided to stay in rehab for at least a month and is committed to achieving sobriety.

The Divorce

Jen is being supportive but firm, the sources revealed.

She is satisfied Ben is getting the help he needs for the sake of their three children. All papers for their divorce settlement and the joint custody agreement are finally prepared but they are waiting for Ben to get out of rehab and sign it off.

The two of them have been separated for three years after ten years of marriage.

Ben and Jen share three kids together, Violet, 12, Seraphina, 9 and Samuel, 6 and they remain their top priority. Ben wants to regain his sobriety and show them that there is no shame in needing and asking for help. He will give his best to confront his demons and be the best dad he could be.

Ben’s close friend stated “Ben wants nothing more than to get sober for his kids, for Jen and also for his career. He realizes the dangers of what he could lose in life if he doesn’t stick to the program, and dedicate himself to these big changes.”


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