Back On Track? Lewis Hamilton And Nicole Scherzinger Meet Up In LA!

Lewis-and-NicoleA little over a month ago Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger officially announced an end to their five year relationship citing hectic and differing schedules as the main reason of their break up. Now after an emotional reunion in Los Angeles it appears as though their relationship could be back on track!

A close friend of Lewis Hamilton’s revealed all to the Sunday People Newspaper. They said, “After the split he was devastated so when he suggested that he fly out to see Nicole, he was delighted she said yes. Both Nicole and Lewis had a bit of time off so it was the perfect time to meet. He went to her house in Los Angeles to talk things through and both thought it was a great success.”

The couple both have extremely successful careers, but due to their success their time together has always been at a premium. The source went on to say, “It was the last opportunity when they could spend time together and talk through their future. They desperately want to be together, but they know that from now until Christmas is going to be really tough. They’re both willing to give it their best shot and try to make a success of it though. They love one another dearly and have deeply missed each other since they split.”

It is no surprise that Lewis and Nicole are reportedly back together, but their circumstances have not changed in the few weeks that they have been apart so it is surely only a matter of time until they break up again is it not?


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