Axl Rose PR Stunt

Axl Rose PR StuntWho is Axl Rose? Ah, yes, let us refresh your memory. Remember that band “Guns and Roses”, yep them; Rose was the lead singer. Well, he still is, sort of. He is the only original remaining member, as the others jumped ship years ago.

Anyways, lots of great bands have made it a point to refuse the “honor” of being inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Axl, in his snotty, child-like manner has penned a letter stating, he too would politely refuse the honor. The rest of the original Guns N’ Roses band seem pretty interested, but Axl would point out how typical that is of them.

The thing is, Axl and his old buds have some bad blood. This is mainly attributed to lifestyle differences and ‘selling-out’ behaviorisms; a noted reason that other great bands had denied themselves to hang on the walls of the RARHOF.

Just two days before the big ‘show’, Axl gave written notice that he will not be present. He also made it very clear that he will not be accepting the honor absentia. Which we assume means receiving the honor without being present.

This is a horrible blunder for the original band who was reportedly hinting at a reunion tour, since Axl also said he has no interest in sharing a stage with his former buds. Ouch, that stings a bit.


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