At the Age of 52, Chris Cornell Passes Away – How Celebrities React

At the age of 52, Chris Cornell, this Audioslave and Soundgarden front man passed away this past Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 just hours after he performed at a sold out show that was in Detroit.

Brian Bumbery who is a representative for Cornell stated that Chris’s death was very sudden and much unexpected.  Vicky his wife, as well as the rest of his family was very shocked to learn about his unexpected and very sudden passing.  His family will be working very closely with the medical examiner in order to find the actual cause of death. They have also stated that they would like to thank all of his fans for the continuous love as well as loyalty and have asked that their privacy at this time be respected.

Chris Cornell is a Seattle, Washington native who is survived by his wife Vicky, and three beautiful children. 

Celebrities Paid Tribute

Will Saaao stated that his voice pulverized all classification, forever otherworldly and that his heart goes out to Chris’s family members.

Eric Alper stated that Chris Cornell got it right.

Elijah Wood stated Oh man it is very sad to hear of his passing

Carson Daly stated that he was very shocked to wake up to hear about this sudden passing, he had a quintessential voice of the generation, and that he will be praying for his family.

Dave Navarro stated that he was so, so stunned to hear about Chris, and that it is such a terrible and a sad loss, he will be thinking of Chris’s family tonight.

Billy Idol stated that it was very sad to hear of Chris Cornell’s passing and that Chris was such a great singer as well as artist.

Mark Tremonti stated that Chris was the most influential singer to himself as a writer, and that he just saw him perform just days before, and that he is completely devastated.


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