Ashton Kutcher Tries To Win Demi Moore Back

Ashton Kutcher Tries To Win Demi Moore BackAshton has known that Demi would probably divorce him anyway for quite some time. This explains why he did not seem too bummed after the media was informed about it. However, it seems that 2 weeks before Demi announced the divorce publicly Ashton had tried to win her back with a new car. For Demi’s birthday he made some calls to some high end companies to get her the 2012 Lexus LS 600 L.

This luxury birthday gift cost Ashton over $100.000. He did all of this just two days before her birthday as a way to try to win her back. However, sources have told us that there have been in word as to whether or not Demi accepted the gift or not. But, we can all clearly see that Ashton’s plan did not work.

Ashton should have kind of expected this from Demi though. He has cheated on her more than once and there is only so much any woman can take. It doesn’t look like Demi is going to change her mind anytime soon. So, there may even be some of things about Ashton that we know nothing about. As time goes one we will be able to tell.


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