Ashton Kutcher Has A New Girlfriend

Ashton Kutcher Has A New GirlfriendWell it is obvious now that Ashton Kutcher has no more feelings for Demi Moore. Lorene Scafaria said to have started out as a rebound for Demi yet now they are in an official relationship. They have been talking since December – just a few weeks after the issue with Demi – when they took their vacation in Italy for the holiday time. Ashton revealed their romance via Twitter by tweeting a picture of them. At this point time they stated they were friends yet now it is obvious they have passed the friends stage.

Just last weekend they were seen together again wearing facial paint on their way to play laser tag. Ashton’s new lucky lady may not be someone who we are familiar with right away but surprisingly the 34 year old is not new to Hollywood. She has not only written plays in New York but she has also starred in some as well. She really became known for “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist” and “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”.

Hopefully, these two will be happy together and she will be able to keep Ashton off the market for a while.


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