Are The Spice Girls Set To Reform?

Spice-GirlsWhen it comes to girl bands The Saturdays and Little Mix are the ones at the top of the tree right now, but they do not come much bigger that the Spice Girls who dominated the music scene in the 1990’s. According to one member of the iconic girl band the five of them are “closer then ever” and have not ruled out either a reunion or farewell tour.

Mel C has been speaking to the Daily Mirror Newspaper about her friendship with the four other band members. She said, “I have to say, since we reunited in 2007, and doing the Olympics last year, we are closer than ever. We have so much fun when we’re together.”

When asked about the possibility of the girls getting back together Mel C said, “There are no plans at the moment to do anything, but if a great opportunity came up I’d jump at the chance. It’s absolutely never say never.”

In show business never say never indeed and it would come as no surprise to anyone should the Spice Girls reform and tour for one final time. Watch this space as they say!


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