Are Destiny’s Child Planning a Reunion?

destinys_childIt is seven years now since girl band Destiny’s Child split, but earlier this year the trio of Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams performed together for the first time since their spilt during the half-time show at The Superbowl. That performance got people talking about a possible reunion for the band and it is something that Kelly Rowland has not denied.

Rowland, 32, was at the Elle’s Women in Music Event in New York earlier this week and was asked by a reporter from The New York Daily News if Destiny’s Child would be getting back together and making a new record. Rowland replied, “It’s not a no.”

So does no mean yes? It looks unlikely because Rowland went on to add, “We’re celebrating the fact that we’re different women now with different things happening and going on for ourselves.”

Michelle Williams is working on a new album, as is Rowland herself, and with Beyoncé touring the world with her ‘The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’ a reunion looks extremely unlikely. Rowland finished off by saying, “So you know, we’re (Destiny’s Child) there in spirit with each other or sometimes physically, but we’re always together.”

So a Destiny’s Child reunion is out of the question it seems, but never say never in the music world as the unusual does happen more often than not, and according to Kelly Rowland, “It’s not a no.”


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