Amy Schumer is Back with a Bang

Amy Schumer fans will be thrilled to know that the comedian is back and ready to continue performing.

Amy’s Back!

The 37-year-old returned to the stage on Monday performing a set at the famous Comedy Cellar located in New York City.

She posted a photo on Instagram from her show with the caption declaring that she has returned to the stage.

What makes her return remarkable is the fact that just two weeks ago she and her husband Chris Fischer welcomed their first child on May 5th.

Two days after the delivery she revealed that they named their baby boy Gene Attell Fischer.

The Trainwreck star has been extremely upfront and open during her entire pregnancy, opening about the difficulties and pain she had to endure over the course of nine months.

Regardless, she has always succeeded in balancing the discomfort with comedy.

Show Cancellations

Schumer suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, meaning that she endured severe nausea and vomiting throughout her pregnancy. This took a major toll on her comedy career. She was hospitalized due to her condition in November and had to delay some tour stops.

However, she returned to the stage just a few days later for a New Jersey show. In February, unfortunately, she had to cancel the rest of her tour due to “complications”.

“The baby and I are healthy and everything looks good. But I am in my third trimester and I am still nauseous all the time and vomiting,” she informed her followers at the time. “I vomit mostly every time I ride in a car even for five minutes.”

She added how she hates letting people down, but her health and the baby were a priority.

The I Feel Pretty star talked about motherhood and pregnancy in her Netflix comedy special, Amy Schumer Growing, which came out March 19th.


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