Amber Portwood: You Snooze, You Lose

Amber Portwood: You Snooze, You LoseAmber Portwood, Teen Mom “star” has had her issues in the past as she continues to struggle to impress the judge in her current criminal case. Portwood lost physical custody of her 2 year old daughter Leah, to the father, Gary Shirley. She is also currently dealing with charged stemming from the physical abuse she dealt to her daughters’ father, who at the time was her fiancé. Portwood had relatively simple requirements for her probation and failed them all miserably. She is currently trying to impress the judge while she remains on house arrest.

Here’s the ticket, about a year ago Amber was offered a handsome deal with Vivid Productions, a staple in the adult film industry. We’re talking half a million dollars, on top of the large check she receives from MTV for doing the show Teen Mom. At the time, Amber decided not to do the film. Congrats Amber, on your one smart choice.

However, now that legal fees are soaking up Portwood’s money and she doesn’t have her daughter on her mind, she is interested.

Too bad for her, Vivid says she is old news and would not receive the half million to make a film.

Maybe she should try the ‘normal’ life and she where that gets her!


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