Amber Portwood Will Not Be Shooting Another Season of “Teen Mom”

Amber Portwood Will Not Be Shooting Another Season of "Teen Mom"We may not find out who the new cast of the show will be until June yet if you had your hopes up for Amber Portwood you can kiss those dreams goodbye. Amber Portwood has been managing to stay out the headlines for a while. In fact this may even be the last time that she is thought or spoken of. She has had search a hard time so far being sent to jail recently and losing custody of her daughter. She spent months in jail for being found with illegal prescription medications and we had nearly forgotten all about her.

Shawn, Amber’s older brother, has finally came out and said that his little sister is doing great and is trying to keep out of the mouths of the media. He even continues to say that she is glad that she will not and does not have to deal with “Teen Mom”.

For Amber’s stake we are hoping that she is truly spending time with her daughter, taking care of her business, and getting the help she needs. Maybe one day she will gain custody of her daughter who is currently with her ex, Gary Shirley.


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