Amber Portwood: Just Send Me to Prison Already

Amber Portwood: Just Send Me to Prison AlreadyWe are sure you all are aware of who “Teen Mom” Amber Portwood is as her name has been across headlines more than a few times. However, this time she is making headlines because she has requested for the judge to send her to prison.

Amber Portwood has been trying to complete drug rehab for several months now and it has still not been a success. Now she has decided that it is simply time for her to throw in the towel and just go ahead and do her sentence in jail.

In January Amber was able to avoid a 5 year jail sentence because of the grace of the judge. But, during her whole journey she has found it impossible to comply with the guidelines. So, today when she went to court she told the judge that she hasn’t been clean during the entire program and she is always going to be a “bad girl”. Furthermore, Amber Portwood says she hates the drug program and she fully understands that the only option she has left is to go to jail.

Currently, Amber is in the Madison County Jail in Indiana where she will stay until she receives her sentence.


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