Amanda’s Friends Want Her Family To Drag Her To Get Help

Amanda's Friends Want Her Family To Drag Her To Get HelpSome sources that are close to Amanda Bynes reported that her pals are getting furious with the actress’s family. They are all wondering why they are not carrying out any actions to help Amanda before something serious or bad occurs to her.

Based on our sources, the actress’s pals think they have already done their part and they feel that they have already done all that they can. They want the family to do their part too, which in this case break down Amanda’s door (literally) and force her to get professional help.

However, that will be a problem because some sources have also told us that the 26 year old actress has gradually ceased her communication from her mom, dad, brother and sister. She is now not communicating with her entire family.

The family of Amanda has moved from Texas to California recently just so that they could be closer to her. However, based on our sources, they are still not progressing with regards to the help they are giving to the actress.

The Sydney White actress, as we previously reported, has been said to be performing some bizarre behavior during some of her gym classes and even in her own neighborhood. Sources stated that she has been talking to herself, talking to non-living things and laughing hysterically with no known reason.


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