Amanda Seyfried “Blown Away” By Adult Movies

Amanda-SeyfriedAdult Movies have always been a bone of contention and divided opinion, with people saying they should be banned and others saying they should be free for everyone to watch. Well Amanda Seyfried who stars in ‘Lovelace’, the biopic about Linda Lovelace, thinks that adult movies should be “free to watch” for all.

Seyfried was in London yesterday for a special showing of her new film at London’s Mayfair Hotel. Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the event Seyfried said, “You can’t put a ban on it. I mean, kids under age are still drinking. It just makes it that much more powerful. It’s freedom. You should be free to watch it whenever you want.”

Despite her words adult movies are something that Amanda Seyfried does not enjoy. She said, “I’ve watched porn, yes. Enjoyed? No. I saw some when I was six. It was really disturbing. There was a policeman … I was at my friend’s house and their parents weren’t around and the older brother, who, I think was 10 at the time, puts this on and I was just blown away.”

The movie ‘Lovelace’ will hit the cinema screens on 23rd August and it will be interesting to see how many tickets are sold once the showings commence. What do you think, should adult movies be banned or should they be freely available for people to watch?


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