Amanda Says No to Rehab, Ends Night in the Back Seat

Amanda Says No to Rehab, Ends Night in the Back SeatAmanda Bynes claims and insists that she is not having Britney Spears-type crisis. She has been telling her friends that she does not need a conservatorship since she is completely capable of creating her own life decisions.

The 26 year old actress is insistent that she has no substance abuse issues and she dismisses the pending driving under influence cases and criminal hit and run charges. She also claims that all of these are false accusations.

The Sydney White actress also claims that her family has never mentioned even the potential of a conservatorship. This is also consistent with one of our sources who have spoken to a rep for the family of Amanda. They spoke months ago and the rep claimed that the family felt Amanda had no psychological issues or whatsoevers.

However, we are quite aware that there are a number of friends and relatives of Amanda who tried to convince her family that the actress really needs professional help, but as of early summer, they just disregarded all of these comments.

We reported days ago that a lot of Amanda’s neighbors and those people from her gym were alarmed and worried about her weird behavior. They claimed that the actress was showing some signs of mental distress because she was talking to herself, chatting with inanimate objects and laughing hysterically with no known reason.

The actress also verbalized that there is no way for her to check into rehab in the next couple of days because there is no reason for that and that she is perfectly fine.

However, she was spotted last night in Hollywood not inside a night club, but in Starbucks. She also did not drive herself home after that coffee date with herself.

She reportedly spent more than 3 hours chilling inside the coffee shop listening to music on head phones and talking on her phone. She left just after 11 PM PT.

An employee of Starbucks had to unlock the front door to let the actress out of the coffee shop but her face was fully covered and then she was carefully led to a waiting SUV.  She got in the back seat. Thank God.


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