Amanda Bynes UPDATE

Amanda Bynes UPDATEWell the star who recently decided to take a break from acting and Hollywood finds herself in the scene, again. Amanda Bynes was released on a five grand bail, shortly after 10 am on Friday. However, the young woman hadn’t had enough partying and attempted to continue her drinking that same Friday evening, at the same spot. Sources report that Amanda and her group of friends were not permitted inside because they did not want further connections between themselves and the stars troubles.

After Amanda left jail, reporters asked her if she learned her lesson. She had not comment but her actions were loud enough.

To top it off she made the walk of shame in her party outfit from the night before to the impound lot to retrieve her BMW.

Photographs show she is clutching a water bottle, most likely hung-over. Yet Amanda searched out a drink that evening. We’re going to say it now, keep an eye on this one.

Lindsay Lohan cleans up her act and another star takes her place, what a shame.


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