Amanda Bynes Heading for Trouble

Amanda Bynes Heading for TroubleEarly Friday morning around 3 in the morning, Amanda Bynes was booked in Los Angeles for DUI. Amanda was pulled over after she hit a cop car. Sources report that it was a paint transferring side swipe in the rear passenger panel of the cop car, as Bynes attempted a right side pass in her BMW.

From Amanda Bynes mug shot we can see that she has dyed her hair Lilac. She is also said to have been hitting the clubs pretty hard lately. The talk around town is she may be going down the same path as Lindsay Lohan.

After speaking with the actress who recently denounced and left Hollywood, it was clear she was unable to drive. She was booked and held on 5,000 dollars bail which was not immediately posted and left Amanda behind bars. Maybe some time to think did her well. Sources are not specific to Bynes impairment however this is not her first incident.

A little while ago Amanda sped off while a police officer was writing a ticket for talking on her cell. Reports say she stopped by the barracks to sign off on the ticket.

Another source reports that Bynes was seen her getting in her car from valet looking extremely intoxicated.

We just hope she pulls it together.


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