12-year-old boy arrested for swatting Ashton Kutcher

12-year-old boy arrested for swatting Ashton KutcherA 12-year-old boy has been charged with a number of crimes since he allegedly swatted Ashton Kutcher. The boy, whose name cannot be released since he’s still a minor reported a fake gun battle inside Kutcher’s LA home.

Cops immediately went to Ashton’s home last October after the boy called the police and told them that there were some people inside the actor’s home that had explosives and guns. He also reported that there were some people shot.

The police all realized that everything was just a prank when they got into the scene.

The boy is scheduled to be arraigned in Juvenile Court tomorrow and he is also believed to be the one who pulled the same swatting prank on a bank in L.A. that same month.


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