Lady Gaga Making Quick Recovery Following Recent Surgery

lady-gagaLady Gaga fans will be pleased this morning as the popstar is reported to be making a quick recovery from surgery, just five weeks after she was diagnosed with synovitis and forced to cancel her Born This Way Ball Tour.

Vincent Herbert is Lady Gaga’s manager and he reported this morning that she was recovering well. He said, “She’s doing wonderful, doing great.”

Gaga fans will be pleased, especially as all her tour dates were cancelled last month leaving thousands of her fans disappointed, though as yet no date has been set as to when she will be performing again.

Herbert was confident that Lady Gaga, 26, will be back performing sooner rather than later and he was also asked about her dance routines, routines that are audacious to say the least, and he replied, “They’ll be there.”

Later this year Lady Gaga hopes to release her new album ‘Artpop’, an album that her fans and her manager are looking forward to. Herbert finished off by saying, “I can’t wait for the world to hear her new music and see her come back healthy, strong and better than ever.”

A fit and strong Lady Gaga is something that her fans will want to see. Her legion of fans will also hope to see her strutting her stuff on stage, doing those audacious dance routines that she is well known for some time soon.


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